How to improve will power!!!!!

many people say I have no will power , most of the time we listen to these words from our relative or close friends I want to help those who want to increase there will power but my message is different that is don’t increase your will power  if you want to take benefit from your will power   it will be shorter . you can’t take long term benefit. Will power works on denials principle. “I will not do this I will not do this” .i will never do this that is Will power. I will do extra efforts that are will power I will try to run fast to win the game that is will power . will power works on denials principle so question is that what we should do if don’t increase will power.

emotional experience has a dream visualization, emotional experience has the drive of success, but will power is if you are rejecting your any desire, you are fighting against a desire,it will convert in game changer

one more important point is emotional experience can also be experienced without any bad experience we can cultivate regenerate emotional experience in our mind. you can design it

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“Extreme emotion has a deeply rooted retention”

Its human psychology we never forget extreme emotion and big insult. Big respect big insult is extreme emotions. extreme emotion built a structure like that we can build a structure to open a Nero pathway. For success needs some actionable plans these actionable are not set in mind so after questioning yourself to make your action plan.

whereas design principle if  you are successful to design your emotion, experience so it will work on conscious, subconscious and it will increase the demand of desire it will build a form of the quick image in  mind

  • Make an action plane by talking to yourself
  • Framework expand yourself
  • Craft your design of a new creative addictive vision
  • Creative
  • Addictive
  • Vision

write your vision and make a framework on that vision whatever you want to achieve. Make a map in your mind.write the benefits of your vision why you want to achieve it.what things would change in your life with your vision in your family in your society in your friends in your relations the benefits you can get in your life .what is the purpose of this in your life. Ultimately when you visualize these benefits in your imagination then more Nero pathways will open, more doors will open in your mind, images of ways or direction will more clear



3—-shapes and size————————————–

4–what five immediate action plans to achieve the success——————————————————–

So wake up right now and make up your vision !!!

Make a timeline of dates make a form or define

so right now you have an emotional structure with will power. now you can feel the strategic framework you can feel and emotion and devotions are sides to the end you can feel the possibility of success. your mind is possibility scanner now

when anybody thinks and visualize negative there imagination and Nero pathways open the negative side of the aspects. difficulties and possibility both are the part of life

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