How to be being bamboo?

According to the Cambridge dictionary bamboo is a tall tropical grass  with hard, woody stem .

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Bamboo is a woody plant with a hollow stem belongs to the grass family. After harvesting and processing bamboo  it can be used to make things like flooring, paper, and chopsticks. Bamboo is originally belongs to the Dutch bamboe, which in turn comes from the Portuguese bamboo.


Bamboo is a colony plant member of a grass family Bamboo put on new foliage every year, and a cane typically lives for 10 years. . It uses energy from this existing plant to produce more plants and expand the root structure. All new plants will grow in the same manner.

During our lifetime we are told to fight for what we want in life. That we should help our neighbours and be kind always. If you have faith, all will be ok…

But life isn’t that simple

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You won’t always win and despite all hope you won’t be able to fix everything and help everyone that crosses your path. This is one of life’s hardest lesson.

So how do bounce back when life has pushed you down? How can you see the blue skies when black clouds are surrounding you? How do you cope when you can’t save someone’s life?

I hope sharing this artical will help those of out there struggling to something that seems unpleasant through your life crisis. More importantly I want you to understand what being resilient really means and the damage caused by trying to resist changes that you may have no control over these.

What is resilience? Modernising the Definition

To be resilient is to able to recover quickly from trauma without it causing life long damage.

mostly we listen pliant people compared to bamboo for their abilities to be flexible without breaking. I think this is Japanese proverb explains the concept of being resilient perfectly.

“The Bamboo that bends is stronger than the Oak that resists” -Japanese proverb

So we should talk about how this is possible to build up emotional resilience so personally take on anything that is thrown your way.Able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

so important is that build up your” Emotional Resilience

•  Separate fact from fiction.

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When something terrible happens, we initially let our feelings dictate our actions and the majority of the time, we either end up falling into ‘poor me’ syndrome or regretting our actions at a later time.

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Gather your facts carefully and contemplate all sides before taking any decision to avoid this type of situation. A good tip is that try to see the point of view of others are involved. Try as maximum as can to focus on those hard facts first to get clear perspective of your situation.

•  Be Self Aware.

The Secrets to Self-Awareness | Antony Simpson's Blog

Once you can see the reality of embarrassing situation. you can focus on what you feel. Those that practice mindfulness on a regular basis will not find the concept of ‘feeling’ the moment new, but for those that don’t, I would suggest you try to find a natural spot and try still you mind.

Hopefully you can listen your inner voice to be heard above the roar of the ego that will act as a self protective mechanism to stop you feeling the pain

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This is very important to keep remember that feelings are abstract and like the clouds in the sky, they will come and go. It’s important to understand all your feelings and let them go peacefully than it is to hold on and beat of yourself up over having that one negative feeling that leads hatred of oneselfand causing great and irreparable damage of behavior.

I observe many people struggle with their feelings and go down to the road of self-destruction rather than face the fear. Don’t give in to the fear, you are not alone.

Do not disconnect, recruit your support team carefully…Do not disconnect.

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You are not alone in your despair or hopelessness , it is important to select the right team of people to see you. Very often, it’s not your nearest and dearest that will get you through the dark times; it will be those that are in a forceful way bound to your situation and have been through it themselves.

•  It’s all about balance.

Frequently Interrupted: Life Is All About Balance

Many people have heard about the importance of having a healthy work/life balance right. Well when going through crisis, taking up a new (healthy) hobby can actually help you see beyond the problem and the black clouds overhead. But be careful not to use this new hobby to distract from your problems altogether. As hard as it might be, you must give time to yourself to adjust the changing circumstances otherwise it can come back and haunt for the rest of your life.

10 Tips to put more balance in your life. – Level Up

•  Don’t let what happened dictate who you are.

Don't let the past dictate who you are. Let it be th... Unknown Quotes

Lastly, don’t let what has happened to you completely define who you are as a person. You are so much more than that and have so much to give. When something life changing occurs, it can damage or destroy your life into tiny pieces.

Definitely what was happened will permanently change you; but instead of trying to piece of old life together try creating something more beautiful and amazing from the pieces left behind. Spend time getting to know yourself again; go out, explore and see what the world has new offers for you

Always remember, beyond the black clouds the blue skies are always there…

beyond the black clouds blue skies are always there

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