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habit is something that you do often or mostly.He has an endearing habit of licking his lips when he’s nervous.Many people add salt to their food out of habit, without even tasting it first.These are the kind of habits.

A habit is a routine of behavior that repeate regularly and inclie to occur subconsciously. The American Journal of Psychology defines a “habit, from the standpoint of psychology, a more or less fixed way of thinking, willing, or feeling acquired through previous repetition of a mental experience.” 

Here are the habits they have in common:

  • They get up early. …
  • They read, a lot. …
  • They spend 15 to 30 minutes each day on focused thinking. …
  • They make exercise a priority. …
  • They spend time with people who inspire them. …
  • They pursue their own goals. …
  • They get enough sleep. …
  • They have multiple incomes.

These all are some kind of habit.Different people have different set of habit.

Lot of questions was in my mind when some body suggest me you need to do blogging . Do you know what blogs are? If you don’t, then this is exect r place. In this blog i will try to provide you complete and simple information that you can easily understand . In the beginning, a blog was a personal diary that people shared online, and it goes back to 1994. In this online journal, or you can talk about your daily life or share things you do. But, with the passage of time people saw an opportunity to communicate any information in a new way. So this thinking began the beautiful world of blogging.

blog is a short form of “weblog” is an online journal or informational website ofd any kind displaying information in . It is a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their views on an individual subject according to there interest now question is How to start a Blog / or what would be the procedure of it

So here is complete guide. How to Start a Blog just need to understand few things.But before to take start must check your knowledge ,do you know what is hosting, domain,. How to handle with c panel .And the most important what are u general computer skills.

What is the purpose of your blog?what are the reason behind it ?

There are many reasons for starting a personal blog and only a handful of strong ones for business blogging. Blogging for business, projects, or anything else that might bring you money has a very straightforward purpose – to rank your website higher in Google seo that will increase your visibility.

As a business, you rely on consumers to keep buying your products and services. As a new business, you rely on blogging to help you get to these consumers and grab their attention. Without blogging, your website would remain invisible, whereas running a blog makes you searchable and competitive.

So, the main purpose of a blog is to connect you to the relevant audience. Another one is to boost your traffic and send quality leads to your website.

If you are more frequent and your blog posts are better it can higher the chances for website to get discovered and visited target audience. A blog is an effective lead generation tool. By adding a great call to action (CTA), and it will convert your website traffic into high-quality leads. But awith a blog also help your authority and can build a brand.

By using your niche knowledge for creating informative and engaging posts, audience trust can built . With Great blogging makes your business looks more amazing, which is important if your brand is still young and fairly unknown.

Plug -in

What would WordPress can do without plugins? what makes WordPress so great and easier. Nearly 25,000 plugins are available on WordPress alone, So the sky is really the limit.

With the amazing power comes with great responsibility and it is an fact that using WordPress plugins can have a side effects if you’re not caring. So in this post I want to cover the most important things to keep these things in mind when using WordPress plugins on a WordPress site so that can enjoy all of the extra functionality and avoid the surprising difficulties.

1. Update Your Plugins timely

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 keeping plugins updated is absolutely important to the security and functionality of blog. Out of date plugins are targets for those in search of security weaknesses and can also break when new versions of WordPress and other plugins are released.

Regularly update your plugins, also periodically check plugins to make sure that they have been recently updated. Strongly consider removing plugins that haven’t been updated for an extended period of time ,as a rule of thumb .

2. Keep Deactivated Plugins Updated or Get Rid of Them

If a plugin is not active on your site you must sure that it is still updated. A deactivated plugin is still “live” on your site in the sense so site can be exploited as a security weakness. Incidentally, the same can be said for themes so my advice also applies there.

honestly says if a plugin is not active on site and you have no intention of using it in the future my opinion is that would be to remove it. The last thing you want is for your site to become a graveyard of unused plugins — if you want to keep things clean and tidy.

3. Deactivate Backend Plugins When They’re Not in Use

Deactivate Backend Plugins When Not In Use

Most plugins put a distort on site’s resources, even if that distort is only minor. As such it is my suggestion that only activate back end plugins when needed.

For example the WordPress Database Reset plugin.This plugin makes it easy to reset WordPress  by returning all or serving of a WordPress database to their original and default state. WordPress Database Reset plugin only needs to be active when trying to reset – it can be deactivated at all other times.

So in a nutshell, every single active plugin on a site should be utilised by your site. If not must deactivate it.

4. How many Number of Plugins are Important?

A plugin is just a simply extra code that is used on site. To an extent add the same code within your function a list .Php file and achieve the same effect.

Therefore, the number of plugins you have installed and activated on a site is not a major issue. The major issue is how coded and resource intensive your plugins are.In reality you need to be more worried about what plugins you are installing and using rather than how many.

5. The Number of Plugins Is Important

Having to deal with plugin with hoarder is an issue which developers mostly face as there are a near-infinite number of setup combinations across all WordPress installations. Most of the WordPress blogs are completely unique in terms of the combination of plugins installed.

So should be mindful of the quality of plugins you use, should also keep an eye on the number with a view to keeping things as simple as possible. In this case, less is typically more hoarder.

6. Quality Always Beats Quantity

Star Rating

Along that same point of view , should be very selective in deciding what plugins to install on a site. After all, every plugin may leave behind a footprint that is problematic to remove (especially if that is poorly coded). While it can be very incline to test and install every plugin on site, you should err on the side of caution .

When it comes to installing plugins you should look at a few points such as:

  • Number of downloads of that plugin.
  • what is the Average rating.
  • must check the Reviews.
  • The developer (are they well-established?)
  • Last up dation ,is it regularly updated.

In fact when you are installing a plugin – it means you are installing a piece of functionality that would like to remain functional for the foreseeable future. If the plugin currently working nicely that’s a good start but you should make sure it will work in the future also.

7. Premium Means Doesn’t Necessarily Best

It’s a fact that people’s perception of value is impressed by cost. If any one offer you the same thing free of charge or at cost, your perception of value definitely to be change .

Mostly it is observed in people’s attitude towards premium plugins. The fact is that there are lot of premium plugin without scrupulous developers out there. Just because someone is charging you for a plugin does not mean it is good. There are amazing lot of extremely excellent quality free plugins out there developed by people who you can trust absolutely.

. If you use a reputable premium plugin developer you’ should likely to enjoy the best functionality, top notch support and consistent updates. The key is to make sure that you’re supporting the “right” developer. Don’t just do a Google search and go with whatever shows up – find out who people are happy to personally recommend. Always get involved with the WordPress community and make note of who is giving about a positive light. These are the person you should must look to buy from.

8. Some Plugins Are Considered Absolutely necessary for Almost every Site.

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Yoast seo is a useful tool for all types of WordPress sites.

Different types of sits you are using different types of plugins for different purposes. Mostly plugins you install will depend on the kind of site you’re creating. An e-commerce store might demand a shopping cart plugin, for example, while a photography portfolio need a image gallery tool.can benefit Yet, there are some plugins that almost every WordPress installation should need to include, no matter whats your site’s focus is .

For example, if you want to attract as many visitors as possible, so your site can always a solid Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plugin like Yoast Seo . Security is vital for keeping your site’s data and content safe, so a plugin such as Word  is always a smart wager. One more example, custom contact forms (like those created with contact form 7 are useful for enabling your visitors to get in touch, whether you’re running a blog, business site, or storefront.

Even if you are thinking the kind of site you’re creating doesn’t require plugins, you might be surprised by how many options would be invaluable in functionality. There are  many word press plugin that every website owner should know about – whether or not you end up using them.

9. Plugins Can Integrate Your Site with Other Tools and Platforms

The Google Analytics Dashboard for WP plugin.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WPenables you to integrate your WordPress site with the popular analytics tool.

. While it’s true that many are standalone options offering independent features, some are reliant on other software. In fact, there are many plugins designed to integrate your WordPress site with popular tools and platforms of all types. That means you can make those programs work smoothly with WordPress, without knowing a single line of code.

It diffecult to cover all the available integrations, but there are just have a few examples:

  • Google Analatics Dashboard for Wp.With this plugin, you can track your site’s performance easily ,using  Google Analatics ,and even see the results in your admin area.
  • Mailchimp for word press:If you’re using the very popular Mailchimp email marketing plate form this plugin will help you to add new subscribers in a list from a WordPress site.
  • Custom feedback feed. This plugin adds your Facebook feed to your website, and  help you to customize it. There are similar options in the WordPress plugin directory for most of the popular social media networks.

So if you have some favorite tools you use every day to run your website or business, it’s worth checking to see if there’s a way to integrate them with your site. That way, you can streamline your workflow and not have to switch back and forth between platforms constantly.

10. There Are different Placeswhere you can Find Plugins Online

The WPExplorer plugin directory homepage.

If you’re new to plugins, best option is to start with the WordPress plugin directory. These all plugins are free, and just have put through a vetting process. This directory also displays customer ratings and reviews, along with the number of WordPress sites currently using each plugin.

Many developers sell plugins through their own websites, and there are other directories with hundreds, or thousands of options. Keep in mind that most plugins not on will be premium, which means you’ll have to pay a fee to use them. The cost is often quite reasonable, though, and you’ll be able to find plugins that provide more complex, unusual, or targeted functionality.

Some plugin directory are as under below:

  •  CodeCanyon:This is the biggest directory of premium WordPress plugins online. You can find just about anything here, at prices staring as low as $2. You’ll also be able to view user reviews and ratings, and a great deal of information about each plugin.
  • WPMu Dev;This directory is an excellent source of quality WordPress plugins, providing options in areas such as analytics, security, design, social media integration, and more. This site works a little differently from most directories, as you’ll just need a membership in order to use the plugins. However, the $49 per month price tag can be a good deal if you find multiple plugins you want (especially if you’re running more than one site).
  • WPExplorel: Finally, WpExploral website! It offer a directory of free and reasonably priced plugins in a different kind of categories, from e-commerce to page builders and SEO. Check it out, and you’re sure to find something that attract you and according to demand of your website.


However, using plugins to get the most out of your WordPress site is not to be challenging. Just want to follow a few simple guidelines, such as downloading plugins from reliable sources, keeping them updated, and getting rid of the ones you don’t need. Once you’ve learned a few basic facts about plugins, such as those introduced above, you’ll be ready to start customizing your own site by your self.

Youtube is the 2nd largest search Engine and largest video disrupter of the world. Story of three boys who lost their jobs because eBay bought PayPal and all three of them lost their jobs

Google CEO said

YouTube Will Be Far Bigger Than TV”

Because an interesting fact in youtube people are the constant creator and also viewer are also people. Tv run by chance rather than you can watch youtube by choice because every person individually handles youtube.

Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim they work together in PayPal. Accidentally they create youtube .they want to share some videos of one’s birthday those days email was unable to transfer the videos.

one more incident has happened when Jawad Karim wants to see the video of Justin Timberlake & Janet Jackson Controversy video. In this video, Justin Timber Lake wear off the dress of Janet Jackson on stage. That was a very sensational situation. Jawed Karim wants to see that video. At that time there was no opportunity to see the vides like we can search now any video .then he thinks on that point. Other two person were also was worried to search the video Sonami .they want to solve the issue of how to share the video

Three of them sit together to solve this issue they create


Problem Solving Product

Initially, they built tune in Hook updating site. In those days Mark Ziker burg also make Hot or not. This effort was not as much . then they change online streaming platform. They work on that plate form excellently. According to one survey, seventy-seven percent viewer watch one video on youtube 7 more watched. Twenty-two percent viewer comes in youtube to see one video and watch more than fourteen videos

“So learning in this story is normally all word make project, not plate form. these are the transactional exchange of money and material. this type of business is called the transactional business.”

  • But Microsoft
  • Google
  • Facebook/Youtube
  • Whatsapp

WhatsApp all these brands are creating the platform. They create an Ecosystem. YouTube is a plate form, not a project. Youtube is an Ecosystem and in this ecosystem, all participants are earning

Youtube finds the content creator, content creator finds content consumer, content consumer link with the advertiser. Tv ad is expensive then you TUbe ad.mostly big brand are converting on youtube ads because its cheaper. In tv, it’s quite difficult to target the audience. but in youtube target public can easily target

Most big brands are leaving print media and Tv because youtube is too much cheaper than any other means of publicity and has a target audience.

Now youtube start help content creators, youtube start training, support, certificates, create academies make studios in many cities, come here and use the plate form and make the quality videos .you tube start helpline, start email second words youtube is fully supportive for content creator.that is eco system and viewers getting free content.

In youtube, the viewer is a product.

“If you Don’t pay for the product than you are the product”

Google chairman

Youtube is selling viewers eyeball future of youtube is too much clear and big.7.5 billion is approximately the world population of the world. Already two billion are an active user of youtube on a monthly basis. viewership is increasing fastly in 2025 72/persont people will be cord cutter on earth. Cord cutters are those who will cut the cable of there and they will never plug it again

are those who would be the new generation and they would be unaware about Tv.

Cord Nevers:

In fact, the reason for the shifting of advisor on youtube is their target traffic come on mobile from tv to is easy to use instead of Tv. Every one carries during travel, easily place it in the pocket but these practices are not possible with Tv.

According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India 42 crore people using mobile Internet. The central Government expects to nearly double the number of existing internet users by 2020 due to the fast adoption of digital technology. So cord cutter will play a big role in the future. Empowerment has a big role in the whole story.

Youtube gives you the power of choice. TV steal your power. Youtube is on 24 hours not need to sit on chair plugin and sit in front of a big screen. you can use mobile during travel but not tv. You can share, like, comment, unlike. Youtube has a good system of advertisement that’s why people watching tv on youtube. You can raise your voice on youtube but not on tv. You can watch again and again any video by your choice but not on tv.